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Yeah, so i still have no clue how to use this fucking site... help plzzz kthx..
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Golden wings, on free skys.

The one i knew, gone from memory.
The Eagle flew, cutting clouds free.
Caged in body, disrupted in mind.
From thoughts of she, no more perfect a man can find.
Sorrow burning in soul, from an unmeaningful word.
My complete surrender of control,to make her a free

Cage flug open, beauty gone in the wind
such love not for men, one look and hearts never mend.
Golden wings, with pixy dust
the clock dings, for the end of her lust.
I thought it woudlnt, but my heart stays broken on the floor
I knew i shouldnt, but came back for more
I thought she couldnt, but to be free, the bird
flew out my hearts door..

still workin on this one, seemin pretty good so far i guess, still trying to get the hang of this website:( im a nubamonis rex, all i can say is nub nub nubamon!
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jesus this place is weird:( nothing like myspace, CURSE YOU MYSPACE, FOR MAKING EVERYTHING SO EASY!!!! welp, this will probably be a poetry posting area for me. soooo let me hop on myspace and copy/past like a noob, select tab nubsores rexanub!....

Blood stained earth.
Current mood: fed up with human kind

Blood stained earth, breaths no more.
because of calculated structure, made by us all,
what do we need this power for?
Why do we embrace our planets fall?

we take the last leep
into this nothingness we create.
what we take, we keep,
til we realize our catastrophic fate

I dont yet see the fear in our eyes,
that will certainly be there.
Fuck the truth and the lies,
cant you see? what we do is not fair.

They cant all be warned i know,
some wont listen, most dont care.
Atleast we all have tickets to the final show,
the first and last thing human kind will ever share...there we go, this one sucks a little less then all the other:D...aww thank you LJ for your wonderful spellcheck!
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